highlights of magma pos

a rethink of the pos system from the beginning was needed


No registration of terminals needed. You can add an remove pos locations as you need them without extra charges


MAGMA pos is a web based software. Simply put..it just works Did we mention access from anywhere in the world?


Latest technology and designed by users to ensure a user friendly easy to understand system that anyone can use and understand


Tablets,phones or computers. No cables required! Even better the printing is wifi based! Place your printers where you want them

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To move forward, sometimes you have to start from nothing

MAGMA is a re-think, re-do of what a Point of Sale should be. With every little aspect, build from the ground up, we asked how is it currently done and why. If that does not make sense or is not efficient in a busy retail space we re thinked it.

What came out is a thing of beauty where user friendliness, fast and responsive software and quickly and easily accessible management tasks is all intertwinded into perfection.

We would not be lying if we said we think its the best Point Of Sale out there!

What do you need?

Simple pos, simple setup. It just makes sense right!

preffered device

Any device that has a modern browser on it. No brand is needed whatever you want to use!New or hand me downs

MAGMA opens the market to you to use any device you want
Online / Server

Choose if you want to run an internal server or skip the hassle and go online. To the future we go!

The future is online, but we know its not everywhere yet so you can choose which one you want.
Printer or Paperless

Add printers as you need them or even better go paperless with our email besed receipt system for your clients**

We love helping the world and going paperless is our preferred option
Choose your system

Our basic system includes Front of House, Admin CMS and Payroll already included. Back of House if you need it.

Everything you need in a POS system...and a bit more!

R500! - THATS ALL!

No hidden fees. No "other" charges. Straight Forward month to month fee all inclusive

We believe in simplicity in all we do. No over the top agreements or small little details.

Our easy to understand system is replicated in our pricing

Simple, straight forward and just ridicilously cheap!


Yep we know. Its amazing but wait until you see it...it gets better! Let us know and we will setup a demo for you.

Just pop us an email to emilev@magmapos.co.za and we will take it from there! Lets get you on the train to the future.

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